Coaching Opportunities

Coaching Opportunities

It’s the most rewarding coaching experience you’ll ever have.

"The Miracle League experience is by far one of the most rewarding that I have been involved with. It brings together players who would not be able to play baseball in a conventional setting, and it brings out families of those players and leaves them with a positive experience. As a coach and the father of a player, I can truly say this is the place where miracles happen!"

-Frank Brosnan

No one has more influence on enhancing the players experience than their coach. Working with the players, their buddies and their families to create that feeling of sheer joy will provide you an experience you won’t ever forget. It is the most rewarding coaching experience you'll ever have. Our Coaches are the reason our players come back every season and the reason their lives are changed forever.

If you are interested in serving on our Coaching Staff, please contact us at or call (336) 883-3483.